To add/create an autoflow, log in to your LawGro account:

  1. Once logged in, click Settings and then Autoflows under Firm Settings. 

   2. Click New Autoflow.
   3. Add Name and Description of an autoflow.
   4. Under Autoflow Tasks section, add Task Name, Task Description, Due date.
   5. Click on + Add Another Item, to add another task and add Task Name, Task                   Description, Due date.
   6. Once, your list of tasks are added, click Save

Once you click Save, you will be redirected to newly created autoflow page and can start applying it to any contact or matter.

• If you want to automate tasks from the day of autoflow creation, set due date as 0.
• Leave the due date field as blank for no due date.
• Incase of autoflows, by default tasks are assigned to contact or matter owner i.e,          Assigned to field is not customizable.

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