Daily agenda emails

Adding all your tasks to LawGro streamlines your tasks and a daily agenda email is sent to your inbox. Daily agenda email summarizes your on date, upcoming and overdue tasks.
Start driving your day by receiving daily agenda email and never miss any deadlines. With daily agenda emails, stay organized and plan your business better.

Activity Emails

Activity email provides you an updated list of all the activities done by you and your team members, helps you stay on top of your business. It allows you to know what's going on in your business, incase you didn’t had a chance to login on specific day.

You will get daily, weekly, monthly activity emails to your registered email address, if you’ve engaged with the LawGro.

To know how to manage daily agenda and activity emails, click here.

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About LawGro:

LawGro is an online legal practice management software - it enables lawyers to increase client happiness and grow law firm business.

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