05 Apr 2018

Emoji Support  

Share your emotions using emojis in comments, feedbacks and add extra fun in day to day communication within the team.

23 Mar 2018

Enhanced Proposal page  

We have redesigned the complete proposal system and include wide formats of engagement terms, scope of activities, timelines etc. apart sharing prices and fees for activities in a more professional format - all in a single document.

14 Mar 2018

Tags for better control 

Create your custom tags and add them to invoices, proposals and lead forms for better categorization, filtering and analytics.

07 Mar 2018

Improved Contact's Insights  

See all the time spent and expenses incurred for a specific contact in the insights page. Get complete insights on a Contacts in click of a button.

Also get info on open matters, tasks, unbilled amounts etc. all in one page.

22 Feb 2018

Clone repetitive items 

Every record is kind of a template now. Start cloning matters, time entries, expenses etc. to quickly add repetitive items and save time.

09 Feb 2018

Secured Client Portal 

Share access with your clients securely. Your clients can now login to LawGro and check all their activities without a need for back and forth communication about updates, invoices etc.

17 Jan 2018

Related Contacts report 

See details of all related contacts for a specific contact in its insight page. This helps to identify all the relationships at a single location.

10 Jan 2018


We have made it easier for you and your team to onboard LawGro. Take a quick tour and master LawGro in under few minutes. Our proficiency meter helps you assess how much you have mastered the tool.

02 Jan 2018

Faster Dashboard  

Wish you a Great 2018!!! 

We have made improvements in Dashboard to allow it to show all information much more faster. Get insights to all critical information on your practice and take actions - all with speed.

27 Dec 2017

Share lead forms over email 

You can send your lead forms over email and collect information form yorur leads just like an intake form. 

21 Dec 2017

Feature enhancements 

We have made quite a few changes to make your experience more refreshing and rewarding as you enjoy your upcoming holidays and start a new year with renewed energy.

a. Google map integration on your website - Provide a google map to your location and save time for you and your customers.
b. Save & New button - Add another record seamlessly while saving the existing one. No need to browse through multiple steps to create multiple records and you can keep adding them one by one without any break.
c. Better categorizations for contacts - New leads are now automatically categorized as Leads so that you can filter them and take actions suitably.
d. Redesigned quick filters - We have redesigned quick filters on contacts, so that you can access your active contacts or leads with just 1 click.  

15 Dec 2017

One click testimonials  

We have simplified the process of collecting feedbacks and testimonials to make it more intuitive for your users. This will help you and your customers to share their feedback seamlessly and offer a greater user experience and happiness. 

11 Dec 2017

Simplified main menu 

We have redesigned the main menu to make it more simple, intuitive and refreshing. We hope this will help you to do more with less efforts.  

6 Dec 2017

Email notifications for leads and intakes

Get notified over email, whenever someones fill up a lead form or submits an intake form. Take actions immediately and surprise your lead or customers with a quick turnaround time.  

24 Nov 2017

Manage your Reputation

Reputation management is a key driver in today's competitive environment. Now manage your reputation from various sources like client feedbacks, perceptions and even reactions. Analyze all your data and take actions to improve your reputation and not just manage it. 

22 Nov 2017

Create your websites in just minutes  

Get online, create a website and web presence for your firm and that too in just 5 minutes, without any technical knowledge. It is so critical in today's world that you need to have a professional online presence and having your own webpage is the first step in this regard.

Drive all your prospective users to your website, launch lead forms to collect valuable leads and publish testimonials and feedbacks from your clients all in just few clicks. 

17 Nov 2017

Send NPS surveys with Invoices, Intake forms and proposals 

You can now include a NPS surveys while sharing Invoice, Intake Forms or proposals from LawGro. This helps to reach our to client more frequently and collect their feedback on recurring basis. 

10 Nov 2017

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys  

Today, we are happy to announce an important milestone in our journey. We have been working towards ways to grow your practice and not just manage it. Knowing your client satisfaction and getting feedback from them is an important piece in overall Client Happiness. 

NPS surveys has been known to collect crisp and accurate feedback from clients. You can now share NPS surveys with your contacts in just clicks. Please checkout our help pages to learn more about it.

7 Nov 2017

LawGro Windows App 

LawGro is now available on Windows App Store. Install our app on your windows desktop or mobile and experience seamless and more smoother experience. Make your day more productive with our new App. Please donot forget to share a feedback on how we can improve.

1 Nov 2017

Better design for lead form and pages 

We know how important it is to increase lead generation for your law firm. We have enhanced the look and feel of the lead generation form, it is not mobile friendly and should convert a lot more. 

14 Oct 2017

Track Hourly rate groups in each time entry 

While filing a time entry, you see what rates has been charged to a client. You can now track the Hourly rate group which was used for filing specific time entries. This makes each entry more trackable and allows greater transparency in reconciliations. 

14 Oct 2017

Make refunds in cents 

We now support allowing refunds upto cents. It helps to enhance the accuracy of your accounts. 

10 Oct 2017


Add reminders to any item, whether its a Matter, invoice, task, proposal, time entry or just the contact. Create custom reminders on the fly to any topic and get notified to take action. Also track all your reminders right from the dashboard so that you donot miss on it.

4 Oct 2017

Enhanced Time Entry flow

Enhanced the time entry flow to show what rules were used to enhance to arrive at the hourly rate used for the particular time entry. This avoids confusion while adding time entry.

15 Sep 2017

New Reminder system - Add reminder to any record type 

We have added a brand new reminder system which allows you to add reminders to any record type (Contact, matters, tasks, invoice etc). This is a really powerful way to remind yourself of any follow up that you need to do. Reminders can have a date and time when you need to be reminded of. 

24th Aug 2017

Track intake forms and lead forms views and submissions count

Now LawGro allows you to track number of views and submissions made by a contact for intake forms and lead forms.


24th Aug 2017

Get notified when an invoice, proposal is viewed

Now LawGro sends you automatic notifications when a contact viewed the invoice or proposal shared via email or link. These automated notifications appear on the Recent Activity stream.


17th Aug 2017

Deals -  An opportunity to sell your products or services

LawGro introduced deals, which allows you to add new opportunities as deals and manage your sales more efficiently and effectively.

Get started with deals, by clicking here.


5th Aug 2017

Lead Forms -  Build and Publish it anywhere

Lead forms allows you to convert anonymous visitors to leads and also to capture leads insights. Now you can build, customize lead forms within the system and publish it anywhere.

Get started with lead forms, by clicking here.


17th July 2017

Autoflows - Save time by automating tasks 

LawGro added autoflows, which helps you to spend less time on repetitive work & more on your expertise. 

You can create as many autoflows as you want in few minutes, allowing you to automate tasks and apply on any contact or matter. 


5th July 2017

Cloning a Matter 

Now you can create an identical copy of a specific matter by cloning it, which saves time and reduces effort while creating similar matters.


5th July 2017

Introducing Trust Balance Report

LawGro introduces a trust balance report which summarizes all the trust balances within each each trust account of a contact.

To access the trust balance report, click Trust Balance chicklet on the Dashboard. 


29th June 2017

Import Google and Office365 contacts directly

LawGro provides a faster way to import your Google contacts, Office365 contacts directly by connecting your Google and Office365 accounts respectively with LawGro.  


29th June 2017

Quick Finder - Find Contacts and Matters instantly

LawGro introduced a smarter, faster way to find contacts and matters. It helps you to spend less time on finding the specific contact/matter, allows you to focus more on the core activities to be done.

To find and navigate to a specific contact or matter instantly, click on Find icon located on the header of the software.


20th June 2017

Search text through Recent Activity

Now you can use the search field located on the top of the Recent Activity stream to search through all the text in the activity feed in just few seconds.


20th June 2017

Add Related Contacts to Matters

Now you can add multiple related contacts and their relationship with the client associated to each matter. Also you can quickly track these individual contacts and their related matters.


4th June 2017

Import Matters, Tasks, Time Entries and Expenses

Now import matters, tasks, time entries and expenses yourself faster in just few clicks. 

To import, click Import button on the dashboard or go to individual report and click import button located at the top of each report and upload a CSV file.


2nd June 2017

Sentiment Analyzer

LawGro introduced Sentiment Analyzer by using advanced artificial intelligence, natural language processing, sentiment analysis algorithms. It helps you to determine tone behind a series of words embedded in your content, to better understand your attitude, opinion and emotions. It is integrated with all outgoing emails like send email from contact/matter, share invoice/proposal/intake form and email templates.


17th May 2017

Track user login activity

Now you can track the login activity to check when you logged in to LawGro. Login activity also helps you to track location based on IP address and no: of logins from each IP address.

To track your login activity, click Login Activity under Personal Settings.


16th May 2017

Enhanced look for Intake forms - Reduced  LawGro branding

Now LawGro reduced it's branding in intake forms and enhanced the look of intake form. Using your firm logo at the header of intake form and contact information at the footer of intake form, makes your clients feel that they are part of your website.


4th May 2017

Introducing Daily Agenda Emails

LawGro introduces daily agenda email feature to stay organized. Daily receive an email which summarizes all your on date, overdue and upcoming tasks.


3rd May 2017

Introducing Smart Coach - A simple reminder system

LawGro introduced Smart Coach which provides reminders once a month, regarding overdue invoices and unbilled time entries on your dashboard. 

Never miss any payments and get more value for your time!!


Matter Open, Closed, and Expected Closed Dates

Now you can choose open, closed and expected closed dates for a matter using a pop-up calendar while adding/editing a matter.

By default matter open date is the date of matter creation. 


Added more filters to sort matters based on open, closed, and expected closed dates

Now you can apply filters based on the matter open, closed and expected closed dates to narrow down your matters list.


21st April 2017

Implementing YTD approach on time entry analytics

LawGro implemented YTD(Year-to-date) approach on time entries. YTD is a period spanning from January 1st of the current year to current date.

Now with time entry analytics, get deeper insights on how many hours has been billed till date in the current year, average billing rate of the current year, unbilled hours etc. to understand how your business is heading in the current year. 


Added Quick filter on invoices to track Overdue invoices

Now you can instantly view and track overdue invoices by just 1 click on quick filter "Overdue". This quick filter is available just below the search box on the invoice report.


Filter invoices based on due date

You can now can apply "Due date" filter to narrow down your invoices list and to run better analytics on your invoices.


13th Apr 2017

New Layout for Contact and Matter pages

LawGro came up with a new layout for contact and matter pages by introducing a new section called Insights. Now contact and matter page has two tabs i.e, Overview and Insights.


6th  Apr 2017

Notifications Management

Now you can manage notifications at your profile settings by turning Unsubscribe button ON or OFF. If Unsubscribe button is turned ON, you will not see any further LawGro emails landed on inbox of your registered email address. 


3rd  Apr 2017

Launched LawGro Legal Practice Management Help Center

LawGro launched help center with plenty of articles, helps you to get started quickly and answers the questions you have.


4th  Apr 2017

New formula to calculate firm’s total billable amount

Now Billable amount shown on your dashboard is calculated based on the below formula:

Billable = [Uninvoiced closed matters amount + Uninvoiced billable Time Entries amount + Uninvoiced billable expenses amount.]


1st  Apr 2017

Introducing Happiness Index of a Contact

LawGro came up with a new feature, Happiness Index which tells you how much your contact is happy and satisfied.

Happiness Index is measured by the ratings given by your contacts whenever an invoice, proposal shared to them and when a time entry recorded with time spent on field as meeting/call.

You can see the Happiness Index score at individual contact page.


25th Mar 2017

New pagination interface for reports

LawGro came up with a new interface for pager, i.e; full pager. Now you can easily switch to the pages you wish by just clicking once on the page number you would like to switch.


28th Mar 2017

Retaining filters

Now you can retain the filters applied on any record type by clicking back arrow of your browser. 

When you search for any record based on filters and clicked on that specific record for a detailed view, then the filters applied will be lost. To retain filters, just click browser’s back arrow.


19th  Feb 2017

Enhanced Matters Feature by adding Matter Number

LawGro added Matter numbering functionality to matters. You can assign matter number while creating new matter. 

But for the matters which already existed in the system are numbered based on the created date.


10th  Feb 2017

Easier way to use Tokens

Now we’ve added copy button at the end of each token, making it easy for users to copy the tokens & paste it in the template.


7th  Feb 2017

Better sorting structure for Time Entries in Invoice

Now by default, time entries are sorted by created date while creating an invoice.


6th  Feb 2017

Moved to Intercom Live Chat

Now LawGro offers instant real time support via Intercom live chat, also providing an option to leave us a message when the support team is offline.


3rd  Feb 2017

Round Time Entries by specific minutes increment

Now you can round time entries by specific minutes, which is common practice with almost all law firms. LawGro allows you to configure the increment value for rounding all the time entries at Firm Configuration under Settings of your account. By default, the increment value is set to 1 minute.


27th  Jan 2017

New Dashboard Design

LawGro re-designed the dashboard to make your work done more faster by focusing on the of your business, but the features functionality is same.

Enjoy the new dashboard!!


Added Lock functionality for records

LawGro came up with lock functionality which helps you to easily identify what actions can’t be performed/locked on the specific record.

You can see a lock symbol beside the title of a record if there are any restricted actions on that specific record.

Centralized section for Templates

Now all the templates have now been brought to a single location under Firm Settings to manage them easily. Firm settings are available only to Firm Admin and Team members having Full access to the firm’s data.

Improved icons throughout the LawGro

New icons allow you to understand the each term, feature and its functionalities easily and also help you to find what you are searching for.

Quick Access to Engagement Letters and Documents

Now you can instantly create engagement letters and documents, irrespective of the page you are located in the software by just clicking on Quick Add(+) symbol present on the top right of every page.


20th  Jan 2017

Client Engagement Letter

Now you can generate an automated engagement letter useful for communicating with the client. It helps you save time as well as document the terms of engagement with the client. 

You can create as many engagement letter templates as you want, allowing you to automate various types of client engagement.

New icons for Import and Export 

New icons allow you to understand the difference between import and export functionalities easily and also help you to find what you are searching for.


19th  Jan 2017

Quick Access to Tokens

Now you can view the entire list of tokens supported by LawGro for creating document templates by going to Firm Settings of your account or while creating a template. 


18th  Jan 2017

Document Automation & Assembly

LawGro now offers document automation & assembly system which allows you to create and automate your templates. While creating templates, you can use the tokens supported by us in the body of the template which will automatically get replaced by the information related to contact, matter, and firm after generating the document template. 


17th  Jan 2017

Added firm-id to Box top level folder name 

LawGro now offers a better folder structure for Box.com folder, allowing multiple firms use same box account. By providing the firm-id to LawGro folder in Box, you can easily distinguish the folders of different firms you are associated with.

Example of folder name:  LawGro-1234

Enhanced Report for Conflict Search

LawGro now provides an enhanced report for conflict search system to look more better,  attractive and also to quickly view, access related contacts and matters associated with the keyword you have searched.

Enhanced architecture to load new add record forms much faster

LawGro has increased the speed and reduced the amount of time to load pages while creating new records like contact, matter, time entry, invoice, expense, proposal, etc. and helps you to work even more faster.


20th  Dec 2016

Conflict Search

LawGro now provides a conflict search system which is an integral ethical practice with almost all law firms. It allows you to find conflicts of interest quickly by checking all contacts and matters, including custom fields in matter. 


14th  Dec 2016

Simple Time Tracking Appliance -Timer

LawGro now offers a convenient and simple timer to help you keep track of time spent on various items. It is seamlessly supported on cross platforms (mobile, tablet or desktop). So irrespective of where you are, you can now control your timer conveniently. 

So now when you start working, you can start the timer from mobile device or desktop browser.

When you stop the timer it automatically takes you to a new time entry form with the time prefilled.


7th  Dec 2016

Showing Transactions in the Invoice

Now you can see the transactions performed/added on the specific invoice raised to your clients for a better understanding of your business.

Quick Calendar view from the Dashboard

Now you can quickly summarize your daily agenda, upcoming tasks from the dashboard by viewing your tasks list in the calendar.


5th  Dec 2016

Secured Document Management System with Box Integration

LawGro integrated with Box, the provider of cloud based document & file storage. Now you don't have to manage multiple systems to manage your documents. Start collaborating with your entire team as well as managing all your documents right from the system on the go or at work, so that you can manage practice clutter free.


19th  Nov 2016

Intuitive Time Entry Analytics 

Time spent on clients is the biggest billable factor for law firms. It has always been challenging to get accurate insights into various aspects of billable time. Now with time entry analytics, get deeper insights on how many hours has been billed, average billing rate etc. to understand how your business is heading.

Invoice Aging Analytics

LawGro now offers deeper insights and analytics for your outstanding invoices, to keep your business, finances under control and to get to know where your cash is stuck.This helps you to find out who your promptly paying customers are, whose payments gets delayed regularly etc. 


17th  Oct 2016

Customizing Invoice Fields 

Now you can customize the fields flexibly that appear on invoice based on your preferences and requirements. You can define standard fields, terms and conditions for invoices which will appear on all your invoices. Additionally, you can always change terms and conditions for a specific invoice while generating it. These changes do not impact the standard terms.


15th  Oct 2016

Default Sorting for Tasks

Now by default, tasks are sorted by recently commented and updated date. Previously the tasks are sorted by due date.


7th  Oct 2016


You can now add tags to your Contacts, Matters, and Tasks. The tag is a label attached to piece of information and makes you feel easier in finding your required content.

Only Firm Admin and Team members having “Full” access can add tags.

Improved Activity Stream

Now you and your firm members can get the information on comments added and updated in the activity stream.


6th  Oct 2016

Default Sorting for Matters

Now by default, matters are sorted by created date. Previously the matters are sorted by matter name.

Rich Text Editor for Emails

Now you can create emails using a rich text editor which allows you to insert links, format text like bold, italic in the body section of your email.


5th  Oct 2016

Rounding off amounts and time entry values

Now the amount or value you enter gets round off to 2 decimal values. Previously, the amount gets round off to the nearest value.

E.g., $1462.363 will be $1462.36 and 1.4283 will be 1.43


31st  Aug 2016

Intake Forms

You can now create an intake form template and share with your contacts over email. This eliminates manual data entry for your team and also any errors associate with it. Once your contact submits an intake form, you can link it to the specific contact or matter and then track it from there. Only Firm Admin and Team members having “Full” access can create custom fields.

Get Started with Intake Forms now.

Custom Fields

You can now add Custom fields to your Contacts and Matters. This allows you to track items that you feel are critical for your business. You can add unlimited custom fields and get more control over your business. Only Firm Admin and Team members having “Full” access can create custom fields.

Get Started with Custom Fields now. 


30th  Aug 2016

Add Time Entries from the Dashboard 

Time entries have been most frequently used by most of the law firms. We have made it easier to add time entries now directly from your dashboard.


6th  Aug 2016

Currency Separator 

LawGro now supports the currency formats used across the globe. Based on your Firm’s Currency, the appropriate format prevalent in your country is automatically selected and used for all inputs and display purposes. E.g. If you use USD, you shall see 70000 as 70,000.00 or if you use Euro, it shall be displayed as 70 000,00.

Learn more about the Currency formats used across various regions:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decimal_mark


1st  Aug 2016

Quick Filters 

You can now use Quick filters to filter various reports for most commonly used parameters. This is available just below the search box on the reports page, wherever this is applicable. To filter reports based on advanced parameters, please use Filters and specify your filter criterias.

Contacts Email and Phone details available in Contacts Report

Accessing contact details of your Contacts is a frequent requirement. You can now easily access the email and phone numbers right from the Contact report. 


28th  July 2016

Export data in a single click

Happy to announce export of reports and data in a single click. All exports are in csv formats. Export all your data in just couple of clicks and present reports easily using excel or any other spreadsheet program. As a safety measure, this feature is available to only Firm Admin and Team members with Full access levels.

Improved Import functionality for Contacts

You can easily import all your contacts to LawGro in just a few clicks. Use the improved Import functionality located on the top right of Contacts page. 

Print Report functionality

All reports that you see can be printed easily with a click of a button. This comes handy while sharing various reports either with your contacts or even for any internal analysis or presentations. This feature is currently supported only on the Web platform.

Tasks on your Dashboard

The Dashboard just got more powerful and meaningful. Get a complete list of your upcoming and overdue tasks right at the Dashboard. This helps you to look at them quickly and take actions and increase your productivity. 

Hiding Welcome Page 

The Welcome page can now be hidden forever based on user preference. The system keeps track and intelligently hides the welcome page based on your expertise level onLawGro. If you wish to hide it before the auto hide feature, please close the welcome page and it will be hidden forever.

Centralized Settings Page

All settings related to the user and the firm has now been brought to a single location. Firm settings are available only to Firm Admin and Team members having Full access to the firm’s data. 

Added Total and Amount Due columns to Invoices Report

Now you can easily view your total and amount due for the corresponding invoice without looking at detailed invoice.

Added Total column to Proposals Report

Now you can easily view the total amount of a proposal without looking at the detailed proposal.


19th  July 2016

Activity Emails

Now you will get daily, weekly, monthly activity emails to your registered email address, if you’ve engaged with the LawGro. This provides you an updated list of the activities done in your LawGro account.

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