Clio allows you to export all your data and this data can now be imported to LawGro.

To export data from Clio and import it to LawGro, please follow the below steps:

  1. Login to your Clio account and click (for North American Accounts) or (for European Accounts) and click on the link which is just beside each heading. 
  2. For Exporting additional information, please follow the below steps.
  3. Click Reports Tab.
  4. Select the report you want to export.
  5. Apply the filters, select the date range and output file format.
  6. Click Generate Report.
  7. Clio allows you to export(download) the documents uploaded also. To do so, click Documents Tab and select the file or folder you want to download and click Download.

  NOTE: Export Feature in Clio relies on Permission Levels of a User. The above               instructions may vary for the users with limited access, so please export your                 information accordingly.

   8. Once all the information is exported and prepared in the CSV format, start                       importing it.
   9. You can import all your contacts, matters, tasks, time entries and expenses                     yourself into LawGro.
  10. Contact our support team, to import the remaining data.

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