Matter numbers is a popular way of segregating matters and referring them during discussions and maintaining confidentiality. You can create your own unique series of matter numbering to suit your custom needs and segregation policies.

  1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, then click Settings.

  2. Click Matter Options under Firm Settings.

  3. Enter Matter Start Number to indicate from which number your matter                          numbering should start.
  4. Enter the Matter Number Format.
      You can customize the matter number format by using the tokens provided                   under matter options. But make sure that {{matter.autonumber}} token exists                   while customizing the format.
      Examples of Matter Number Format

  • {{matter.autonumber}}-{{}}
  • {{matter.title}}-#{{matter.autonumber}}

   5. Click Save.


  • Any update/change on Matter Number and its format, doesn’t reflect the existing matters. The changes are applicable to new matters created in future.
  • Matters which are created before releasing matter number feature are auto-numbered based on the created date.
  • You are not allowed to use the same matter number for different matters.

Tokens Support

LawGro supports a list of tokens which can be used while customizing matter number format. Here is the list:

  • {{contact.number}} - Contact Number (automatically generated by the system while creating a contact)
  • {{}} - Contact Name
  • {{matter.autonumber}} - Matter Auto Number (automatically generated by the system based on the matter start number configured in Matter Options)
  • {{matter.title}} - Matter Title

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