If you don't have a LawGro account, you can Sign up with Google or create a LawGro account. To signup using google account, please follow the below steps:

   1. Go to www.lawgro.com then click Sign up.
   2. Click Sign up with Google.
   3. Enter your E-mail and Password, then click Sign in.
   4. Click Allow to access basic profile information.
   5. Your account is successfully created and now tell us a little bit about your firm        to start using LawGro.

NOTE: LawGro will not store your Gmail password.

Setting up your Firm

Tell us a little bit about your Law Firm, to set up your firm’s profile.

   1. Enter your Firm’s Name, Email Address, Phone Number.
   2. Choose your Firm’s Default Currency.
   3. Click Start Using LawGro.

Once you click on Start Using LawGro, you’ll be redirected to your dashboard.

NOTE: Setting up your Firm is not required if you are joining as a team member in the existing firm.

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About LawGro:

LawGro helps lawyers deliver Client Happiness, Grow & Manage legal practice.

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