You can send an email either from contact or matter page by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Tabbed Forms section, then click Email.

    2. From field will be auto populated with the logged in user’s email address.
    3. If the contact’s email address is available in the contact's record then the To                   field will also be auto populated, if the contact’s email address is not                               available in the contact’s record then the To field should be filled                                     manually with an email address you want to send.
    4. Enter the Subject of an Email.
    5. Enter the Content of an email in the Message field.
    6. Email Signature will be auto populated in the Message field if you have                           configured in your profile under the Settings.
    7. If you select Send me a copy field, then you will also get a copy of the e-mail.
    8. Click Send.

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