An email template is a preformatted or pre written message. This helps you in multiple ways and comes very handy while sending bulk emails or repetitive emails. You can add as many email templates to serve various repetitive and bulk email requirements, as you wish.

To create an email template, please follow the below steps:

  1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, then click Settings.

   2. Go to Templates under under Firm Settings and click Email Templates.

   3. To create a new template, click + New located on the top right.
   4. Enter the Name of the template.
   5. Enter the Subject of an email.
   6. Enter the Content of an email in the Message field.
   7. You can use Tokens in Subject and Message fields.
   8. Click Save.

Tokens Support

LawGro supports a list of tokens which can be used while creating templates. Here is the list:

  • [firm_name] - Firm Name
  • [firm_email] - Firm Email
  • [firm_phone] - Firm Phone Number
  • [firm_fax] - Firm Fax Number
  • [user_full_name] - User Full Name
  • [user_first_name] - User First Name
  • [user_email] - User Email
  • [user_phone] - User Phone Number
  • [user_email_signature] - User Email Signature

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