To create a quick proposal, log in to your LawGro account:

  1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, click Proposals and then click Quick Proposal.

   2. Choose Contact from the dropdown list.
   3. If you want to add a new contact, click + Add Contact located below the                      Contact field.
  4. Enter the Description, Quantity, Price of each item in their respective fields.
  5. You can choose the Tax for each proposal item. (If you want to manage taxes,              please click here.)
  6. You can add more items by clicking + Add Another Item.
  7. If you want to provide any discount, you can choose either Flat or % and enter              the discount value.

  • Percentage: It indicates that the discount is given in terms of “%” on grand total. (Example: 10% discount on 10,000)
  • Flat: It is a fixed discount given on grand total. (Example: 500 discount on 10,000)

  8. Add Notes, Terms and Conditions, if any specific to the invoice. If you have                   configured Proposal Default Terms & Conditions then it will be shown while                   preparing a proposal and can be changed at proposal level, based on your                    requirements. Any changes that you make in Terms & Conditions                                    section, will only impact the current proposal and not any existing or                                   future proposal.
  9. Click Save.

Once you save, you will be redirected to the proposal page.


  • Proposal number will be automatically generated, it starts from 0001.
  • The amount you enter should be a positive value and discount, the amount gets rounded off to decimal value 2, e.g., 1432.363 will be 1432.36.

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