You can manage all the document templates and can view the list of permissible actions which can be performed on each document template by clicking the Operations Menu located at the extreme right of each document template.

Editing the document template

To make any changes to an existing document template, please follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Templates Report, select the document template you want to edit.
  2. Click Operations Menu.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Once your editings are done click Save.

Deleting the document template

You can delete the document template by following the below steps:

  1. Go to Templates Report, select the document template you want to delete.
  2. Click Operations Menu.
  3. Click Delete.

While deleting a document template you will be asked to confirm or reject the action by clicking “OK” or “Cancel” in the dialogue box appeared.

NOTE: To safeguard accidental deletes, we restrict deleting document template which was already generated. You need to delete all the associated documents generated manually before deleting a specific document template. Any record once deleted, cannot be recovered, so please exercise precaution before deleting.

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