1.Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, click Documents and then                Files.
  2. Connect to a Box account.
  a. If you already have a box account, just click on Connect with Box for                              connecting your box account with LawGro.                                                                       b. If you don’t have a box account, create an account for FREE by clicking on                     sign up which is located just below the Connect with Box button. Once                           your box account is created, click on Connect with Box for connecting                           your box account with  LawGro.                              
  3. Enter the login details of your box account and click Authorize.

  4. Click Grant access to Box.

  5. You will be redirected to Document Management page in LawGro, where you               will be noticing a message “Your Box account is connected with LawGro.”

  6. LawGro automatically creates a folder “LawGro” within your box account. Inside            the LawGro folder, you will see sub-folders for contacts and matters created                in LawGro. 

  7. Now go to Files under Documents, perform the security action to login and start           managing your documents from LawGro.

Important Note: While connecting for the First time, please allow some time (depending on your internet speed) for both the systems to synchronize with each other. You will not see all the folders and sub-folders immediately on connecting. This is more applicable for First time connection. 


  • Whenever a new contact or matter is created, a subfolder for it automatically gets created in Box.
  • If there are multiple matters for a single contact then one subfolder for each matter will be created under the specific contact’s folder.
  • If any contact or matter title is edited in LawGro then the folder associated with it also gets updated with a new title.
  • Firm Admin can share credentials of box account to their team members to access the files in LawGro folder or Firm Admin can share the LawGro folder/contact folder based on the requirement to their team members.
  • If any contact or matter is deleted in LawGro then the files or folder associated to it doesn’t get deleted in Box.
  • Please do not rename or move LawGro and any of its sub-folders directly in Box.

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