Hourly rates are one of the most common forms of billing. LawGro supports defining custom hourly rates for various team members working on a matter and groups them together. These custom rates can be labelled as per your choice and then linked to either a matter or a contact based on your agreement. 

Creating hourly rate group

  1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, then click Settings.

    2. Click Hourly Rate Groups under Firm Settings.
    3. To create a new Hourly Rate Group, click + New located on the top right.
    4. Enter the Group name in the Group Name field.
    5. If you select the Single hourly rate for all team members field, then all the                      team members are rated with the same amount for each hour.
    6. You can choose the Rate Type either Default or Custom from the dropdown list,            if you choose Default then the default hourly rate of the team member will                      be auto populated from Default Group or if you choose Custom then                              it allows you to enter the Hourly rate.
    7. You can also add notes in the Notes field.
    8. Click Save.

Once you save, you will be redirected to hourly rate group page.

NOTE: The hourly rate should be a positive value.

Editing  hourly rate group

To make any changes to an existing hourly rate group, please follow the below steps

  1. Go to Hourly Rate Groups under Firm Settings, select the hourly rate group you want to edit.
  2. Click Operations Menu.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Once your editings are done click Save.

Attaching hourly rate group to a Contact or Matter

  1. You can attach hourly rate group to a contact in the More field while filling the    Contact form.
  2. You can also attach hourly rate group to a matter in the Fee Structure field while filling the Matter form.

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