To keep your business, finances under control and to get to know where your cash is stuck, LawGro offers insights and analytics for your outstanding invoices.

This helps you to find out who your promptly paying customers are, whose payments gets delayed regularly etc. This gives you a unique advantage to plan for your cash flows and also improve invoicing terms and frequencies suitably for future billings.

The outstandings are classified into 4 broad categories:

0-30 days: Invoices that are currently due and also due from the past 30 days.

30-60 days: Invoices that are due from the past 30-60 days.

60-90  days: Invoices that are due from the past 60-90 days.

91+ days: Invoices that are due for more than 90 days.


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About LawGro:

LawGro is a virtual law office management software - it enables lawyers to increase client happiness and grow law firm business.

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