LawGro offers an easy and intuitive way to manage all your invoices. Once you select the contact, LawGro shows a list of all outstanding items - matters pending for invoicing, expense and time entries which are marked as billable. You should select all items for which you wish to raise an invoice.

In the case of matters, partial invoicing is possible. LawGro shows only the current outstanding amounts against each matter. You may change the amounts at this stage (any amount lower than current outstanding amount). If there are changes to matter fee structure and if you wish to raise invoices for a higher amount than currently outstanding as being shown by the system, you will have to edit the matter and make suitable changes in its fee structure. Once you have selected and entered the amount that you wish to charge on various matters, then you can move ahead and generate the invoice.

 An invoice can then be shared directly with the client using LawGro. You also have an option of saving a pdf copy of the invoice for offline use and sharing over other channels like email etc.

Invoice Status

Basically, invoice status has 3 states.They are:

  • Unpaid - By default invoice status is “Unpaid”.This means there is no payment that has been recorded against this invoice.
  • Paid - Once all payments receipts are recorded against an invoice (there is no amount outstanding as per invoice), the invoice status is changed to “Paid” automatically without any further action on your part. This helps to keep track of outstanding amounts for various invoices. LawGro ensures that excess payments cannot be recorded making it more hassle free and automated experience for you. If you delete any payment receipts, then the invoice again moves back to “Unpaid” state.
  • Delinquent - If you do not expect any further payments against an outstanding invoice, you can manually mark it as Delinquent. This will ensure that an invoice does not continue to show in your unpaid or outstanding list. On marking an invoice as Delinquent, all outstanding balances are written off for that invoice. You can always undo this by manually selecting “Undo Delinquent” from operations menu. Once you undo delinquent, the invoice moves back to the Unpaid state.

Here is the representation of invoice status workflow:

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About LawGro:

LawGro is a virtual law office management software - it enables lawyers to increase client happiness and grow law firm business.

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