To add a time entry, log in to your LawGro account:

  1. Once logged in, click Quick Add (+) on the header, then click Time Entry.

    2. Choose Contact, Matter, and Team member from the dropdown list.
    3. Enter Hourly rate.(If you have attached Hourly rate group either in contact or              matter it will be auto populated)
    4. Enter Date, Actual Time spent.
    5. Choose Time spent on from the dropdown list.
    6. Enter Description
    7. Turn on Billable button if you want to raise an invoice for this entry.
    8. Click Save.

Once you save, you’ll be redirected to the time entry page.

•By default, the increment value for rounding all the time entries is set to 1 minute. To configure the increment value, go to  Firm Configuration under Settings of your account.
•Time spent should be in decimal hours format, e.g., 1.3 means 1h:18m and it gets rounded off to decimal value 2,e.g., 1.3334 will be 1.33. Please refer the below time conversion chart.

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