To add/create a matter, log in to your LawGro account:

1. Once logged in, click Quick Add (+) on the header, then click Matter.

2. Add Number, if any specific to the matter. If you have configured Matter Number           Format under Matter Options, then it will be shown while creating a matter and             can be changed at matter level, based on your requirements. Any changes                   that you make on matter number, will only impact the current matter and                         not any existing or future matters.
3. Choose Contact from the dropdown list.
4. Enter Matter, Description, and Assigned to.
5. Choose appropriate Fee Structure.(To know more about fee structures, click                 here.)
6. Capture more details like matter Open date, Closed date, Expected close date,            Related Contacts and Tags under More.
7. Click Save.

Once you save, you’ll be redirected to the matter page.

NOTE: In the case of fee structure, the amount you enter should be a positive value and it gets rounded off to decimal value 2,  e.g., 14362.363 will be 14362.36.

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