A contact is a person or a company that you have on your network. It can be your Client, Vendor, Friend or a person you met at an event. A contact can be anyone e.g., an individual like Marc Berry, Linda Brown or a Company like Facebook, Inc.

Once you add a contact, you shall be able to:

  • Share proposals with them.
  • Create and manage matters to handle their work.
  • Define specific hourly rates agreed with them if any. 
  • Send invoices and receive payments from them.
  • Send emails to them.

Related Contacts

Our real world is made of relationships and LawGro is happy to support these relationships through related contacts. You can establish a relationship between any two or more contacts. It helps you to manage them in a practical and simple way. Some examples can be:

  • Various people of a company that you are interacting with can be connected to the Company contact along with their roles.
  • Family members of an Individual contact can be connected to it with relationships.
  • You can establish connections like a Judge, Opposing Counsel, Competitors, Opposition, or any other innovative relationship that you see existing between two contacts.

So related contacts basically help to establish any type of relationship that you feel exist between two or more of your contacts.

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