LawGro allows you to create/build as many lead forms as you can with unlimited fields in it. To create a lead form, login to your LawGro account:

  1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, click Lead Forms.

    2. Click on New Lead Form.
    3. Enter Form Name and Description.
    4. Select the contact fields - Name, Phone and Email. By default, Name is selected.

    5. Now choose the field type and drag and drop them from left into the form area or         just click on the field types to add them at the bottom of the form area.

       NOTE: In mobile, you can choose the field types just by clicking on the                           specific field (dragging fields from left area to form area is not supported on                   mobile devices).

    6. After adding the field, click Edit to customize the field e.g. Name, help text,                     values for select field types etc.
    7. Once your editing is done, click Close to preview the result.
    8. When you are done adding various custom fields, you can reorder them by just
        drag up and down or drag to the place you wish to keep the field.

   9. Click Save.

Now the Lead Form is ready to publish anywhere.

NOTE: Label Forms can be created only by Firm Admin and the Team members with “Full” Access Level.

Configure display settings of a lead form

LawGro allows you to configure display settings of your lead form. A user who have not configured any settings, will have default display settings of a lead form.

To configure display settings of a lead form, please follow the below steps:

 1. Once logged in, click Main Menu (≡) on the header, then click Lead Forms.
 2. Select a lead form you want to configure display settings.
 3. Click Operations Menu.
 4. Click Display Settings.

 5. Add text in the text editor at Intro Block.
 6. Add Youtube or Vimeo video URL.
 7. Choose Background Color and Font Color for lead form.
 8. Enter Submit Button Text and Thankyou Message in their respective fields.
 9. Click Save.

Once you click Save, the settings configured to a lead form will be displayed automatically.

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